NaQedEggs 2021 Update


I hope this message finds you healthy and holding onto hope in these trying times. I’ve been hard at work bringing the fledgling NaQedEggs operation along and I’m excited to share that you can now buy NaQedEggs ONLINE at! I am so grateful for your patience and support as I work out what it means to be an independent egg distributor.

To shift from social media to this new webstore means a simple, streamlined buying experience for you with robust seller support for me.  While that does mean added cost, I have worked to keep the lowest existing $4/doz price point available to ensure these eggs remain accessible. For egg-loving households you can also now buy eggs by the 30-flat...that’s 2 ½ dozen eggs in one tray!

Local Delivery is still available in the SF Bay Area. However, new this year is a delivery fee to help cover transportation costs. My goal is to accommodate orders within 2-4 days of purchase but please keep in mind I am not AmazonPrime or PostMates :)! Part of keeping the delivery fee low requires stacking deliveries. I will do my best to send you timely delivery updates and to accommodate days/times that work best for you. Free pick-up is still available at Pistil Studios in downtown Vallejo, accessible via the SF Ferry and the Vallejo Transit Center. 

So, thank you again for supporting this egg endeavor early on with your purchases in 2020! I am learning so much and I look forward to sharing even more with you this year. Keep an eye out for more from #NaQedEggs and I hope to see you soon! 
<3, K


NaQedEggs 2021 Update