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Blue Rock Ranch offers pasture raised chicken, eggs, lamb, and beef direct from Mendocino County, CA. Blue Rock Ranch implements principles of regenerative agriculture to bring you the most sustainable animal proteins possible. 

What's Regenerative Agriculture? Regenerative agriculture is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems. It focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystems, supporting biosequestration, increasing resilience to climate change and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil.* It takes a wider view of the role of farm & farmer than simply to provide food with the lowest possible bottom line and instead places value on sustainability and land enrichment practices. In short, regenerative agriculture is a counter point to the industrial food system that is known to deplete natural resources, poison local waterways, and pollute our environments. 



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  • Pasture Raised Lamb Shares
  • Pasture Raised Whole Chicken