1 on 1: Workshop Series

1 on 1: Workshop Series

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Upon purchasing your Workshop Series you'll be prompted to schedule your classes at times that work best for you over the next 3 months. When you purchase a workshop series you're not only gaining the value of ongoing dance education but also the benefit of working one on one to customize each class to your needs.  

Ballet Basics
The Ballet Basics Series is comprised of (5) 60min classes designed to train a strong technical foundation for new and experienced dancers alike. 

Class 1: Positions of the Feet
Class 2: Positions of the Arms
Class 3: Positions of the Body
Class 4: Turns, Leaps, and Jumps Clinic
Class 5: Choreography

Each class features unique barre exercises and center combinations that support the technical elements of that week. 

Dance Technique for Circus
The Dance Technique for Circus series is comprised of (5) 60min classes that adapt traditional dance techniques to meet the needs and goals of circus performers.  

Class 1: Ballet Barre/Center
Class 2: Ballet Turns, Leaps, and Jumps Clinic
Class 3: Contemporary I
Class 4: Contemporary II
Class 5: Choreography Clinic

Burlesque Jazz
The Burlesque Jazz series is comprised of (5) 60min classes covering fundamentals of jazz technique, handling high heels, and burlesque herstory.  

Class 1: Jazz Technique Basics
Class 2: Jazz Technique Intermediate
Class 3: Heels Intensive
Class 4: Burlesque Jazz
Class 5: Choreography

Fan Dance Intensive
The Fan Dance Intensive is a crash course in fan dancing comprised of (5) 60min classes. Each class starts with a full contemporary modern warm up before focusing on specific fan dance variations. 

Class 1: Fan Dance Fundamentals
Class 2: Hand Fans
Class 3: Silk Fans
Class 4: Feather Fans 
Class 5: Choreography