RedBone by John Lombardi

Reclaiming Your Erotic with RedBone

Pistil Studios
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Reclaiming Your Erotic with RedBone
Sundays 3:30pm - 5pm
April 11th, 18th, 25th, and May 2nd

“I feel, therefore I can be free” - Audre Lorde

We are poetry in motion, Your erotic is of your spark, seed of life, your motivation, your physicalized expression of how you move throught the world honestly, untainted by outside influence. Your truth. Inspired by Excerpts & Quotes from Audre Lorde’s Essay The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House and All About Love by Bells Hooks, we’ll get out of our heads and into our bodies to connect the spiritual, physical & emotional, the anti-racisim journey to Reclaim Your Erotic.


Like many in the wake of 2020, RedBone was guided back to the basics of self care in part through a daily practice of Journaling, Meditation, Yoga and Dance. In reading Audre Lorde and Bells Hooks, RedBone was reminded of her own sensuality & passion. She began to see the real world necessity for knowledge & education around normalization of sensuality, intimacy & the erotic; the difference between these, sex & pornography as well as the intersectionalities. The Erotic is where all love & life derives. 


In this movement based class, we’ll take time to get into our bodies so as to be truly connected with ourselves in the moment. Each week begins with a quick Cardio Warm-Up followed by a Conditioning Workout designed by Clarke Williams of Kent Clarke Fitness. We’ll take a quick break and shift into a meditative yoga inspired stretching series followed by Across The Floor & Movement Specific Drills before finishing class with Choreography. You can expect a mix of slinky contemporary jazz threading foundational hip hop funk style movements including locking & tutting, all executed through the lens of Burlesque. For this series at Pistil Studios we will be dancing to the song 2:35 (I Want You) by Ashanti.


As RedBone herself is on a continuous journey of unlearning (Divest to Invest), she wants to acknowledge Reclaiming Your Erotic is in it’s preliminary stages and some of the work has potential to reach into vulnerable spaces. Anyone beginning this journey should make sure they have boundaries & self care mechanisms in place for personal safety around possible reactivation or trigger of trauma as RedBone is not a licensed therapist. This workshop series is for all individuals. We ask that those joining the journey of Reclaiming Your Erotic be aware that this series is a means to access movement based education through the lens of burlesque while gently pushing various boundaries at your own pace. It is suggested that you’re coming with a basic knowledge of your own physical, mental & emotional capacity and a basic awareness how it may relate to the art & practice of burlesque. Additionally, all CDC guidelines will be followed by both RedBone & Pistil Studios. Masks & Hand Sanitizer will be readily available.